Happy Home Process

New home?
Big transition? Maybe a new baby, new roommate, major life change...
Putting your home on the market?
All of these life transitions can be benefited by enhancing the energy environment of your home! Everything in our home holds energy, including the home itself. Sometimes things get stagnant, or you feel something is lingering from a previous inhabitant.
My Happy Home Process is a method with a variety of elements to clear negative energy from your home and infuse it with harmony! I use components of traditional five elements including earth, air, fire, metal and wood as well as sound healing and intention setting for the entire home and each of the major rooms. The whole family can be involved, with children helping to choose crystals to place in rooms and take part in the process throughout!
People have reported feeling more light, peaceful and harmonious in their space and with the other inhabitants of their homes after completing the process.
Please contact me to set up a time if you are interested in a Happy Home Process appointment.