To learn more about Integrative Restoration (iRest), see below:

Teachers and practices that have influenced me:

You may have heard me speak of my iRest teacher, Molly Birkholm. She is based out of Florida but you can read more about her and even purchase audio files/CD's of her guided meditations for a variety of needs, such as insomnia, stress, trauma and pain. Click the link to learn more about Molly and purchasing her guided iRest CD's

Kat Myers is local to Phoenix, has a thriving acupuncture practice, and has been teaching yoga in town for many years. A big part of wellness is caring for the entire self, and acupuncture is a great way to help  yourself find balance and healing on so many levels. See link for Kat's teaching schedule and to book appointments.

Elizabeth Keith is a practitioner of many modalities in Phoenix, but Bones for Life, a movement awareness practice, has been most influential to my personal practice and teaching. I have been attending this class weekly for the past five years. This class has helped me find greater body awareness and my posture has improved dramatically! After having such great success with this practice, I have been working toward teacher certification in Bones for Life for the past two years, and have studied with Elizabeth and the founder of Bones for Life, Ruthy Alon, in her program entitled Solutions.  See link for Elizabeth's teaching schedule and to book private sessions.

Its been a few years since I've attended a workshop with Rama Jyoti Vernon, but she is one teacher from whom I learned the most about breath. She is a huge presence in the yoga community not only in AZ but the entire US (even the world!). She is an amazing soul.

I completed my original Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour certification at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, which is located in Tempe. At the time (I graduated in 2006), Mary Bruce led the teacher training program, and you can attend her classes all over Phoenix, and workshops and retreats worldwide.