Happy Home Process
Angie did a home energy cleansing on an old house we purchased. Room by one she went through using several elements. Our home feels so safe, peaceful and calm as a result. What an amazing experience and a must especially when moving into a space with a "past". I highly recommend calling Angie! What a great housewarming gift for someone you know!
-Stacy M. Aug 2018

Sound Sleep System

Melisa C. April 2018
Athletic Performance Guided meditation

After almost a year into Olympic weightlifting I realized I want to be competitive.  I also realized putting in the gym time, recovery and rest, dialing in diet and nutrition are only a small part in being competitive.  I want to master the mental edge and train my brain as well.  Angie put my visualization into words and I’m now able to transport myself back to the platform from the comfort of my bed, where I can mentally rehearse my lifts.  Admittedly , it’s somewhat strange at first and I was skeptical about practicing visualization.  Well something must be clicking because 2 weeks after she gave me my recording I PR’d my clean and jerk by 2 kilos!  It doesn’t matter what sport you perform or what level of competition you want to be in, I highly recommend giving visualization and Angie a try.  She can tailor you visualization to fit your needs.  I now listen to my customized visualization as part of my training.  I’m training smarter, not harder, and still managing to be one of the strongest females in my gym at the ripe old age of 40.
Dawn R. on 6/24/18

Guided meditation
 I went to Angie's iRest yoga nidra workshop a few months ago, absolutely loved it and have been going to her classes since! Angie's guided meditations take me to another world, where I am completely relaxed and stress-free. If you haven't tried iRest, I highly recommend taking Angie's class and experience the euphoric bliss for yourself. You can thank me later
Angel S. on 8/14/17

Angie and I have met twice now and I enjoy working with her. She has worked around my requests and my injured foot. We worked at her house which is peaceful and calm. I brought my own equipment but she has equipment of her own. She gently corrects my positioning so I can learn what is best. She took pictures of me and sent them to me so I could continue at home. She is patient and caring. Once I recover from surgery I will go back and resume my training Her price is very reasonable especially for an hour long session. All around I rate Angie an excellent teacher, well worth the experience and money.
Colleen S. on 7/31/17

Excellent Yoga Teacher

I have been taking yoga classes from Angie Cox at the Christown YMCA for 5 or so years, and I always look forward to them. Her classes are so well planned, and so well considered. She obviously puts much thought into them, and they flow beautifully. Her classes are carefully paced and never rushed. She gives excellent tips and clear demonstrations of poses, often so that you can see some of the subtleties that you might not realize are important for getting the most out of the pose. Best of all, she is friendly and funny, which makes the classes even more enjoyable and meaningful for me.
Anne T. on June 12, 2017
5 Stars

Angie is so amazing!! She gave me a private prenatal session in my home where she lovingly walked me through relaxation
and gentle stretching to open up my hips in preparation for birth. She was so gracious and warm and made this very inflexible mama feel wonderful and relaxed! Love her!!!
Jennifer W. on June 7, 2017

Went last Wednesday evening to Angie Cox Yoga and it was just what I needed after a stressful day at work! She was also able to recognize what I needed individual
ly and made accommodations. Made me feel very comfortable!
Jessica C. on June 4, 2017
Excellent Yoga Instruction
It is a pleasure to recommend Angie Cox for a position as a yoga instructor.

Over the last four years we have taken yoga classes from over 15 different instructors in 3 different locations. We took class with Angie at the Christown YMCA in Phoenix for over two years. The following qualities of Angie's instruction we found to be rare among all the classes we took. Of the classes we took we found that only four instructors, including Angie, have all of these teaching qualities.

1. Angie has the ability to provide a genuine welcoming mood and sincerity to all members of the class be they more experienced in yoga or just beginning.
2. Angie's classes are well thought out and have a sequence of poses that allows for each pose to be a preparation for the next.
3. In a class of mixed abilities Angie in very knowledgeable of beginning and more advanced levels of a given pose and she carefully observes each student to be sure no one is going beyond their level.
4. Angie performs all poses with the class but does them in a mirror image manner so that the class can execute the pose in as accurate a manner as is possible for each student.
5. Rarely did classes repeat themselves which was an indication of Angie's wealth of knowledge.
6. Additionally due to her depth of knowledge Angie had strong credibility with more advanced students yet at the same time she had the ability to instruct the beginning students with terms and examples they could understand.

We feel that Angie would be a strong asset to any yoga staff.

Pat and Jana
A friend referred me to Angie, and I count her as one of life's blessings now! As a beginning student of yoga at age 69, I could not have found a better teacher. Angie is cheerful, patient, and knowledgeable. I have a private lesson each week, and I can count on her being here on time. Our sessions are always interesting and geared to building both my ability and confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Angie to others, no matter their skill level.
A trusted, caring and respectful yoga practioner.
The irest session that Angie provided to me was conducted with sensitivity to my physical and emotional comfort. She explained the exercise and what I should expect. She delivered the irest instructions in a calm, even voice that was easy to listen to. Angie processed the experience with me afterward and asked for feedback. Angie is highly professional and dedicated to her craft as a yoga instructor attuned to the importance to the mind/body connection. She communicates respect and caring, and is a professional that you can trust.
Best Yoga instructor!
I have been taking Angie's yoga class for a year or more and my flexibility has improved along with my overall body strength. I would recommend taking her classes, she is the best!!!
Angie - Great Yoga Instructor
Angie Cox has been a volunteer yoga instructor at the ChrisTown YMCA for over 5 years. Her loyal participants adore, admire & respect her knowledge, talent, and wisdom. Angie is a teacher who truly practices what she teaches - a true yogini who daily takes her yoga off her mat and into the world.

Every few months Angie seeks out ways to become a better yoga teacher, by exploring and embracing new yoga/meditation classes and workshops, which help her become a better human, but more importantly she pays it forward by helping her students live a better life with an open heart.

Each time I ask Angie to substitute one of my yoga classes, I feel confident my students will be in good hands.
Try Angie!
I’ve been enjoying (and benefiting from!) Angie’s yoga classes for the past 5 years. She definitely has a gift for teaching, and I can say that because I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years and have had many different instructors. Angie gives clear, easy to understand instructions and lots of options if something doesn’t feel good the first time. Give her a try; your body and mind will thank you!
Wonderful Yoga Instructor!
I had a blast practicing yoga with Angie! I was looking for advice on how to modify some of my yoga positions in a way that would help prevent me from exacerbating recurring back and neck injuries. Angie was able to suggest many modifications that I plan to incorporate every time I practice yoga. She is patient, thorough, knowledgeable, upbeat, and generally just a fun person to be around.
Great Yoga Teacher!
Angie Cox is a wonderful Yoga teacher. She brings the right balance of her practice so that all are comfortable with her approach. She looks for modifications for those who can't do any particular pose/movement. She is very connected to her students which makes for a very pleasant Yoga session. Highly recommend!
I got the true meaning of that "peaceful, easy feeling."
Angie guided me through a meditation called iRest (Integrative Restoration) while I sat comfortably in a recliner. iRest is said to heal various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind. It is restorative in that it aids us in reaching down into our psyche for that underlying peace of mind that is there if you know how to access it. I have had underlying depression since my beloved sister started to go through dementia and physical impairments during the past two years. After the first meditation, I felt peaceful, rejuvenated and relaxed. Angie is very professional, warm and caring. She is passionate about helping people through her yoga practice and iRest.
Amazing yoga nidra instructor!!
I had a great experience with Angie! She is calming and gentle, and I could tell right away that she truly wanted me to get the most out of my experience with her. I look forward to my next session with Angie!