Sound Sleep System

Her own success with addressing personal struggles with poor sleep and anxiety-induced health problems through yoga and meditation led to the development of an intense, high impact program geared toward active people who have a hard time sleeping.
Angela’s public classes promote mindfulness, meditation and relaxation with the goal of reducing stress and anxiety. Her 90 day program-The Sound Sleep System- engages clients in yoga-based activities and develops personalized strategies that lead clients through a journey of transformation into a life with improved sleep quality, greater energy and more calm. Utilizing customized guided meditations (yoga nidra style) and power nap guided meditations, Angela coaches clients through practices that calm the nervous system, enhance sleep quality and provide feelings of greater equanimity. Targeting clients’ sleep disrupting triggers, identifying lifestyle changes, creating more conducive sleep environments both internally and externally, Angela provides clients with tailored programs specific to their unique needs. 

If you are interested in learning more about this program and how it might help you, contact me!