I feel so honored to have been able to guide 14 participants in iRest at my workshop at Urban Wellness on May 13th!
Before heading out to the studio as I prepared that morning, I needed to make some copies to hand out to each person. I knew that 8 people had signed up, but thought there was a chance some additional peeps might arrive and pay at the door. I thought to myself.. "hmm, how many copies should I make??" After deciding that my wildest dreams, make a wish number was 14, that I better make 14 copies just in case (and I could always save the extras for another time). Well imagine my surprise when that is how many people attended!! I felt so full of gratitude, especially for the 5 friends and family members who came to cheer me on (Shout out to Virginia, Emily, Jill, Candace and Melisa!!) And excited to meet new students interested in learning iRest.