Sassy señoritas-teen partner yoga by the lake

Last Friday I had the amazing honor to teach six teen girls, including my badass niece and soccer extraordinaire-Claire Carver, partner yoga with her friends overlooking lake Minnetonka.
warming up in childs pose
 It was a beautiful if yet chilly day with wonderful relaxing views of the water. We learned self calming techniques, including poses for calming, as well as breathing techniques.
partner assisted childs pose: AKA "don't squish your friends!"
  A great time was had by all, including myself!
forward fold-huddle, to help open back body
  It gave me a lot of ideas of how to help other teens, young girls and athletes.
partner plank-its hard work!
 We learned not only good partner stretches, but also ways to build strength in important areas, to help us be better athletes.
assisted downward dog

support your friends-lean on one another-supported tree!
 Leaning on each other and working together is such an important part of  being part of a team.
high five! Hip opener

reach high... reach together
 Working together-supporting each other while also counter balancing, can be used on and off the mat, on and off the field.
Angie assisting the girls in partner version of warrior II
 This one with a little twist involved was a little tricky to figure out, but once we did it looked beautiful!
Savasana... rest and integrate

Savasana with a friend, the best way to end a fun class
 I'm so grateful to the girls for trying something new and being good sports, and especially to my sister in law, Lori Carver for arranging the whole event!