So what is iRest??

So what is iRest?? iRest is a form of yoga nidra or guided meditation, which is a style of yoga where the practitioner is laying down, fully comfortable and supported so their body can relax deeply, and listen to the facilitator’s voice as you move through a series of mindful awareness exercises that can bring on deep relaxation and even sleep. iRest is a restful form of brain exercise, where you can learn some techniques to use in day to day life to help with stressful situations.

  1. make a cozy nest (or use a bed!)
  2. lay down and get comfy
  3. listen to the instructor’s voice
  4. follow voice as you explore body and breath awareness
  5. maybe fall asleep! Or get some good rest
  6. get up and smile 
  7. repeat

Some examples of cozy nests.. lotsa blankets, pillows and bolsters to support your body so you can fully relax