What brought me to iRest?

What brought me to irest?
After Camille was born in Dec 2008, life was changed in many ways (which is typical for a parent!) but one of the most challenging for me was the beginning of a constant struggle to obtain restful sleep at night. I’d frequently lay awake for multiple hours each night, trying to relax but becoming more and more frustrated. This began my quest to find ways to sleep better. I tried everything!
Prescriptions (which worked, for a little while), supplements, sleep scheduling, meditation and calming music CD’s, sleeping with an eye mask and ear plugs every night, diet changes… things always helped a little but the challenge never fully resolved. Each morning, the sleep deficit was growing larger and my day to day life was often a struggle to just handle daily stressful situations. After searching for years for ways to help, I saw a workshop at the Sedona Yoga Festival in March 2016 called “iRest”. Just the word “rest” called out to me, and I signed up. Within the first five minutes I was OUT and slept deeply for the 45 minute session!  I felt like I had just received 2-3 hours of deep rejuvenating sleep, and I was hooked! I went back to my hotel room in Sedona and immediately purchased the teacher’s online audio file and began listening to it regularly on my ipod. Its just one of the many tools I use in my ongoing quest for better sleep, and it has been the tool that helped me the most. These days, I still listen through earbuds... but its the in-person sessions in a group that are the most meaningful and enjoyable!