Corporate yoga

A really great perk for employees to rejuvenate, get the blood movin', and increase productivity is corporate yoga! In an article in Corporate Wellness Magazine, I read about how roughly 50% of corporate healthcare costs can be linked to lifestyle (and therefore, preventable), many companies are searching for ways to help their employees with health and wellness. Yoga is one of the great options, and can be really effective. It is a low cost measure that yields positive successful results for their employees. The article cites, "There is conclusive evidence supporting the fact that offering even one Yoga session in a week brings about noted changes in employee behavior by helping them manage stress better, enhance clarity and creative thinking, improve communication skills, cultivate leadership and teamwork, and increase overall effectiveness in the workplace".
I am full of gratitude to offer yoga to a corporate site, Serendipit Consulting in Phoenix. Twice a month we practice yoga together on their site, varying in focus and intensity of practice. Some days we take it easy and focus more on relaxation, stretching and body awareness. Other days, we pump it up a little and get some circulation going. More recently, I even offered iRest guided meditation, which brought out the largest group of participants to date! (We even had to move to the bigger room!). Employees all cozied up in various locations on the floor (with and without mats!) and settled in for about 45 minutes of guided meditation. Everyone loved the chance to really take a break and recharge with the blessing of their employers!
Everyone getting ready and getting settled in their spots... they didn't have the luxury of a lot of props for support but everyone was a good sport and still enjoyed deep relaxation!

All spread out throughout the room, even tucked under desks and on two-seater couches. It worked!
Now we're ready to start incorporating iRest into the schedule every 3 sessions! I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with such an open and enthusiastic group.
If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about options for corporate yoga in their workplace, please contact me!