iRest yoga nidra 4 week class series starts April 2nd

Take a cue from Lucky.. this boy can rest anywhere!

When you think life is moving so fast,
You need iRest

When you find your mind racing at night,
You need iRest

When your body feels heavy from stress,
You need iRest

And if you think you don't need it, 
you probably do ;) 
                                          -Kelly Voyer, 2018

 So what is iRest?? 
iRest is a form of yoga nidra (translated from Sanskrit as "yogic sleep") or guided meditation, which is a style of yoga where the practitioner is lying down, fully comfortable and supported so their body can find deeper states of calm and ease. The practice is very simple.. in this supportive position, one listens to the facilitator’s voice and taken on a journey through levels of consciousness that can bring on a state of deep calm, rest and even sleep. iRest is a soothing form of brain exercise, where you can learn techniques to use in day to day life to help with stressful situations. 

How do I practice?

  1. make a cozy nest on the floor (or use a chair, couch or bed!)
  2. lay down and get comfy
  3. listen to the instructor’s voice
  4. follow the voice as you explore body and breath awareness
  5. maybe fall asleep! Or get some good rest
  6. get up and smile 
  7. repeat 
 Why a series?
A series of classes where you commit to multiple sessions in a row allows a few great benefits. One is that you can build a sense of community with the other participants because they will not be changing from week to week. A deeper sense of safety and ease is developed. Another is that concepts are built upon weekly, so you do not need to hear the same introductory information repeatedly if new participants enter throughout. It is also helpful to make a commitment as its shows your mind and heart you are making yourself a priority and providing self-care, which is extremely beneficial in creating ease and calm and moving on a path toward deeper health and well-being. The instructor can learn more about the participants and tailor each class and the guided meditations to the group's needs more easily.

Series info:
Tuesdays 6:45-7:45pm
April 2, 9, 16, 23
Kharma Life Center 700 W Campbell #1 Phoenix AZ 85013
 $50 for the full 4 weeks

How do I start?
Space is limited.. Contact Angela directly to register or make inquiries.
 Payment for the full 4 week series of $50 will be taken at first class.
Cell 602-327-6477 or email