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INTEGRATIVE RESTORATION (iRest)-yoga nidra guided meditation

iRest-short for "integrative restoration"- yoga nidra is a form of guided meditation. Lay quietly and allow yourself to rest while listening to the instructor’s words. You may fall into a restful sleep, or remain entirely aware in a deeply relaxed state where your mind can receive the benefits of the meditation. iRest can be utilized to assist in healing anything from insomnia to trauma or just be used as a heavenly relaxation tool. It facilitates the discovery of awareness in the body by exploring, welcoming and observing all sensations, thoughts and emotions that occur.

 iRest provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve  your interpersonal relationships and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life.

iRest has a secular, world embracing view on traditional yoga nidra which is easy to follow and accessible to anyone open to finding a deeper connection to health, healing and peace of mind. This practice allows you to feel a bit softer and lighter in your day, to soften the sharp edges of the daily grind. You will learn tools to take out into daily life to help during times of anxiety and stress, so the feelings of deep peace can travel with you even after finishing the session.

45 minutes of iRest meditation is said to feel equivalent to 3-5 hours of rest.
People who practice iRest report:
 • Reduced depression, fear and anxiety   • Greater ability to relax and enjoy life         
• Reduced insomnia and levels of stress   • Improved interpersonal relations         
• Reduced chronic and acute pain   • Increased inner peace and well-being

 Because there is no pill for good posture! 
BONES FOR LIFE® classes are designed to help individuals
Develop harmonious coordination
Empower lively & dynamic gait
Train in bone building walking in rhythm
Reach Quality of natural fitness at any age
Restore resourcefulness of equilibrium & stability
Align posture in the body language of self confidence
Bones for Life® is a program to improve the Movement Intelligence of Bone Strength and Weight-Bearing Posture

It is based on Dr. Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning.
Through the simple, effective movement processes of the Bones For Life® program, you will learn gradually and safely how to:
* Stimulate your bone strength and experience the biological optimism of a reliable skeleton
* Coordinate a springy and dynamic walk
* Align your posture into safe weight-bearing uprightness
* Develop your skill of restoring equilibrium
* Enhance the pleasure of moving

IRest Yoga Nidra
See description above
Restorative yoga is a heavenly time to rest and recharge. Very restful poses with multiple props are used to fully support the body to allow it to sink down and surrender into gentle positions chosen specifically to help the body and mind relax. See my post on making cozy nests for a visual! Poses are all completed on the ground and held for longer periods (3-5 minutes or more), so muscles are soft and nothing being used by the body to counteract gravity, so a state of great relaxation is achieved, often turning on the body's parasympathetic nervous system (the "rest and heal" system, as opposed to "fight or flight"). This in turn can counteract times of stress and anxiety and will leave a lingering peaceful feeling!

A gentle class for any level, but most beneficial for someone who has some limitations and a chair for support and balance can be helpful. Centering activity starts the class through breathwork and visualization. Then leading into a variety of range of motion, gentle stretching, linking breath and movement for mind/body connection and calming, and some gentle standing poses to build balance and strength (as participants are able). The class is tailored to the needs of the group, and poses are taught slowly with a focus on mindfulness in movement and alignment to increase body awareness and calming of the nervous system. I currently offer this class in City of Phoenix Senior Centers and a few assisted living homes in the Phoenix area.

A variety of modalities can be used in private sessions. Slow, mindful practice as listed in "slow flow" could be modified even more for injuries and physical limitations. A more challenging practice can be provided for more strength building or if wishing for more of an exercise-experience.


A really great perk for employees to rejuvenate, get the blood movin', and increase productivity is corporate yoga! Improved employee wellness has been shown to decrease healthcare costs and absenteeism for employers. We practice yoga together at the company’s site, varying in focus and intensity of practice, depending on the skill level, needs and desires of the group. Some days we take it easy and focus more on relaxation, stretching and body awareness. Other days, we pump it up a little and get some circulation going. Another option is to practice iRest guided meditation.  Everyone will love the chance to take a break and recharge with the blessing of their employers! Contact me for availability!

For the beginner and anyone wanting to work on the foundations of yoga. Modifications to accommodate all levels and all needs. Great for rediscovering the joy of yoga and getting to know your yoga body.

Slow flow is a fairly gentle class that can be practiced by anyone at any skill level from beginner to advanced. The focus is on tuning in with the breath and linking it to body movements, where one pose naturally flows from one into the next with a nice rhythm. Poses are taken slowly and mindfully so a beginner can focus on learning new body movements and postures, and a more advanced student can focus more on in-depth alignment principles and getting more tuned in with their body, breath and the present moment. A lot of positive insight is given throughout to help facilitate the relaxation response while providing gentle stretching and strengthening.

 Everyone can enjoy the practice at the level of their personal capacity and comfort in this class; can be practiced by anyone at any skill level from beginner to advanced. Modifications to accommodate all levels and all needs, offering just what you need through movement and breath awareness.

A combination of slow flow, restorative and integrative restoration yoga nidra, this class will give you a huge reboot and boost. Relaxation response is tapped into to help facilitate the parasympathetic nervous system so you can rest and heal and move out into the world recharged and calm. This class is taught in the evening, providing a wind-down from the day and a beautiful transition to a wonderful restful night's sleep upon returning home!

I recently taught the Phoenix Dive Club over fall/winter 2017, and have taught the Brophy men's swim team for the 2017 and 2018 seasons (last fall, they went on to win the state championship!) During the Brophy men's basketball team's offseason, we worked on a combination of yoga for athletes and a Mobility Training that was created by Premier Fitness Systems.
 Depending on the specific  needs of the sport, a mindful and restorative practice is also incorporating challenging poses to build endurance, strength, confidence and an underlying theme to bring the practice of yoga off the mat and out into the court/field/pool/diving board/real life!

A private prenatal yoga session (or small group of 2-3 expecting mommas) is a great way to relax, stretch and also prepare for childbirth. A lot of communication is done throughout to determine needs and current status, as the pregnant momma's body is changing daily or even hourly! Intentions and goals are worked toward to provide the most beneficial experience. 

Doing yoga with partners as a teen is a great way to learn about sportsmanship, friendships and building one another up as opposed to tearing one another down. Partner poses allow for a little more laid-back and fun experience for teens, and its a great way for teens involved in sports to learn effective stretching and strength building, as well as stress-reduction and breathing techniques to turn on the body's relaxation response during times of stress or even during athletic competition for the best outcome! Contact me for group sessions with your team or group of friends.


 I am a practitioner of the Radiance Technique ®, Authentic Reiki ®, an energy technique for activating, restoring and balancing natural wholeness from within. A hands-on yet non-intrusive technique for feelings of revitalization, it can support maintaining positive wellness. It can be used for: promoting energy balance, positive wellness, peace and serenity. Private sessions are available.